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We LOVE THE MANGO! The same concentration as liquid perfume, it contains no alcohol, won't spill or stain and leaves the skin richly perfumed.The wooden pot becomes a memento once the Perfume has been used!

Top notes of Lime and Black Pepper Essential Oils are a subtle introduction to the first notes of the Queen of Fruits. Then richness and color burst forth and the heart of Mango emerges: sweet, luscious and juicy. Almost good enough to eat!

They are created from quality fragrance & essential oils blended into a creamy solid base of Jojoba oil & Beeswax.

** 0.30 OZ / 10 grams** Handmade in New Zealand


IF IT'S A GIFT..., we'll wrap it and hand write an embossed card. It must be perfect!

Who are we? We're a small New Zealand company of 2 women and we call ourselves Pacific Perfumes. Our Original Range of solid perfumes are inspired by the beauty and essences of Aotearoa and the South Pacific. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand.

We're big into sustainability and caring for our planet! The perfumes contain no animal ingredients and we are strongly against products that have been tested on animals.

We do not support the logging of New Zealand native timber, our pots are made from sustainable beech wood. This eco-friendly alternative is sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests. A new tree is planted for every one that is logged.

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba oil, Beeswax, Fragrance and Essential Oils.


golden jojoba oil, beeswax, fragrance oil, essential oils
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