Welcome to Pacific Perfumes. We are Francesca & Kate and we create beautiful solid Perfumes in  wooden pots and Soap to pamper yourself with!.

We believe in beauty, quality and value, and strive to create work that reflects the uniqueness of the beautiful South Pacific we live in. 

We support  reusable resources, our wooden perfume pots are from sustainable NZ Beech, a memento of the perfume once used, and all our options are eco-friendly. Like our country Aotearoa, our perfumes are unbridled, vibrant and unforgettable.  It is that iconic, almost untouchable beauty of Aotearoa that we endeavour to re-create.

Fiercely into sustainability (in a nice way), we use renewable resources and are eco-friendly in all our avenues of work. We are strongly against products that have been tested on animals and we use no animal products.  PROUDLY CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE

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