Handmade natural soap, made in the UK and Portugal, using the best natural ingredients.  Take home a little slice of Portugal, your own soapy hug from the sun!

Our range includes natural soaps, cupcake soaps, wedding soaps and soapcakes all using the best local ingredients of the area, such as Olive Oil, Goats Milk, & Beeswax. 
These soaps are inspired by Portugal’s natural beauty, its flora and fauna, its landscape, its food and its culture, indulging all your senses.
  We absolutely love inventing new soaps and pushing soap making boundaries, if you have any ideas or special requests we would love to hear from you.

Puro is the best place to buy palm oil FREE, natural handmade soaps with healthy ingredients that are good for your skin and smell sensational

All our natural soaps are handmade using the traditional cold process method in small batches. 

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, we care about what we put IN our bodies so we should care about what we put ON them as well. 
Puro Soaps use the traditional cold process method of making soap which means that all the great qualities of our wonderful ingredients are retained making our soap bars superior to shop bought varieties.  And they're gentler to use. We use no harsh chemicals, no SLSs, no Parabens, no preseratives and no Palm Oil.

You will really feel the difference the first time you use one of our homemade soaps.  The luxurious, fluffy lather and moisturising oils will leave you feeling clean, soft and totally pampered................  They smell great too!

 We are always happy to find out what people think of our products.  We take great pride in our natural soap and love to hear what users feel too.  This helps us to create higher quality soaps that are pleasing to the senses and healthy for your body.
  If you like what you buy please leave a review on our website.

Thank you

Ishbel and Shelley X


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